Chimney Repairs

We at Steve Robinson Roofing Services understand that your chimney is a vulnerable part of your roof, due to it being open to all of the elements all year round. Your chimney requires proper maintenance as it is exposed to cycles of great heat and cooling, which overtime can make your chimney deteriorate. Your chimney also takes out toxic gasses out of your home that can create chemical reactions in your chimney that can deteriorate it.

Your chimney needs to be well maintained because if it begins to deteriorate then problems occur. The stonework, brickwork, lead flashing and mortar can all deteriorate in time, in some cases the chimney can collapse altogether creating many problems to your property. In some cases serious injury has been caused to not only people living in the property but to passers by as well.

However with our thirty-five years of experience behind us we can offer you the best possible service for your chimney and provide peace of mind. We offer a comprehensive chimney repair and maintenance service that is second to none.

You may be in need of a chimney repair, re-point or total chimney rebuild. Whichever applies to you then Steve Robinson Roofing Services are here to help.

Below are some of the chimney repairs and maintenance services that we provide our clients:
• Chimney Removal
• Chimney Repairs such as re-pointing and re-seating of chimney pots
• Chimney Re-Building
• Installation of vents and cowls for chimneys
• Installation of back gutters, flashings, front aprons and lead soakers

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